It’s a dogs life

What are you thinking???

We are just a few weeks away from being homeless. Our house is sold and new owners move in on June 14th! We have done away with most of our stuff and are down to about 6 totes plus 2 totes just with ski boots, ski pants and helmets and the art…. well quite a bit of art…and the stuff that will fill the trailer. Not bad for a lifetime of gathering.
Admitted, I am still a blog neophyte so if this is all chopped up then… my bad. (Deb)

Below are some of the antics of the last few weeks.
Sold house
Bought e-bikes (brand – GIANT E-Trance) WOW, just WOW!!
Trailer is completed
Demo’d tandem kayak (Aquaglide Chelan) and will purchase soon
walked the dog…
oh and worked at my awesome VIU Culinary job….

It speaks for itself.

Over the last 20+ years since our kids were little and learning to ride, we have been customers at our local bike store in Parksville. Love the chill atmosphere and dedication to helping people with their “ride”. Thanks Kebble Sheaf et al!!

Our first new …really new… home
Room for gear!! Let’s go!!

stay tuned…

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