The Whirlwind Race to the Finish

Road trip! Over to Chilliwack to get our Escape trailer

In the last few months we have moved 4 or 5 times. Moving once is often plenty over a 4-10 year (or more) period. First move was getting my dad into a lovely seniors home in February. Second move was helping our friends with their epic downsize move after the sale of their big house. When you have space you fill it!!! So a cull is in order. Feels good. Then we moved all our stuff into the yard with the massive garage sale that sold the bulk of it. There were at least 300 “salers”! Who knows how much stuff was paid for, but it was gone! Albert and I constantly ask each other questions like,”Did you sell that new axe we had?” , with the resigned answer, “No idea.” Then after the house sold and we were sleeping on campmats on the floor of our empty house, we moved the pile of stuff we were keeping over to my mums. Yesterday we unpacked her garage of bins into the trailer. Yay!! All our stuff in one place!! And there is a grand total of 6 bins and some artwork stored.

Our comfy couch graces the Parksville transfer station- dump

The leadup to our epic situation also included many celebrations. we are so lucky to have so much love that surrounds us🍾🍾🍾!

  1. The trip to Italy (February)
  1. The trip to Halifax (May)
  2. Albert’s retirement (May)
  1. The pizza party (June)
  2. The student party
  3. The convocation
  4. The retirement party
  5. The trailer
  6. Arnold Crozier’s celebration of life (Ste Rose du Lac, Manitoba, June)

We had a final wood oven pizza party in our house with no dishes!!

Through all that we finished up our work responsibilities and I even was honoured with being mace bearer at one of the convocation ceremonies on my final work day.

Mace-bearer at the Trades Convocation June 21, 2019

Such an emotional week kicked off with a surprise meal prepared by my students.

Our fantastic students performed with song and dance 💃

My sister flew in from Calgary to witness the convocation ceremony and participate in a final wrap up party with all the people I have worked with over the last 27 – 40 years! So many great stories.

Chefs Hubert Scheck and Alex Rennie spinning stories! My apprenticeship chefs!!!

My chefs jacket was retired into an amazing quilt that will keep us warm on this cold evenings stargazing or watching the ocean waves.

Multi talented chefs Christine who quilted this and Jenny made the fabric appliqués.


And all the rest of the generosity from everyone was really overwhelming.

Fast forward 2 days and we were off to Chilliwack to pick up our rig, figure it out for 2 nights at Golden Ears Provincial Park with Fani our dog. She is NOT impressed with her living arrangement. No couch!! Chained up. Silly Hound!!

On top of all these events and deadlines we flew to Regina, picked up our kids at the airport and drove to Ste Rose du Lac, Manitoba for the celebration of life of Albert’s brother in law, Arnold. Our daughter Elly flew in from Montreal, Eric from Comox and we trekked from Vancouver. The dog went to jail.

When we get back Sunday we will finally be ready to start our wind down to retirement, recreation and travel.

🇨🇦🇨🇦Monday. Rathtrevor. 🇨🇦🇨🇦

Then we can relax…..

3 thoughts on “The Whirlwind Race to the Finish

  1. What an amazing journey Deb! It’s been wonderful sharing just a tad of it with you. Are you at Rathtrevor all this week?


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